Our awesome people!

Our awesome people!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

As we have been learning about God is the God of Nations, we have decided to study Japan as a country.
We have learned so much about the different dress, food, music and dance, language and customs that are different to what we have and do here in New Zealand.
We were able to try on some simple kimonos and Japanese style straw hats. We had a lot of fun exploring the different styles of dress in Japan.

 We were also really blessed to have Mari, Mrs Bracey’s Japanese student, come and speak to us and A5 about life in Japan. Mari showed us how they put on Kimono, the traditional Japanese Garment, and how precise each part of the kimono needs to be. It was really interesting much harder than what we thought!

Then we got to practise some Japanese writing. Mari taught us the days of the week and we got to do these step by step. We learned that we can’t just draw the symbol how we think it looks it actually needs to be done in the correct sequence to make sure it looks right. Very challenging but very fun!

Come and check out the awesome art we have done in class on our Japan wall! The children have made it look fantastic!