Our awesome people!

Our awesome people!

Monday, 2 May 2016


Today we started our science investigation. Our mission is to investigate why some things float and some things sink.
We started off deciding on some ideas of why we think some things float or sink.
Here are our ideas so far:

I wonder if our ideas will change after we have done a few tests?

We waste no time! Check out the fun we had investigating what floats and what sinks!

Will it float or sink? Noah is about to find out what the milk bottle will do!

Wow, we all thought that the orange will sink to the bottom!

Isaac is surprised that the tin foil floated! We were all surprised by that one!

Some of us celebrated when our predictions were correct!

Will the lime float if we push it down? Nope, it popped right back up again!

Stay tuned for more fun throughout the term as we figure out WHY some things float and some things sink!

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