Our awesome people!

Our awesome people!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

CAPACITY! How much can it hold?

We have been learning about capacity. To help us learn, we read the story about The Three Little Bears. Mrs Seumanu visited the Three Little Bear’s home and asked to borrow some of their containers. We had fun finding out which containers had the biggest capacity. Then we could tell which container belonged to Father Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear!
All ready for measuring!

Huntar carefully pouring 

Is it going to spill?? Tapaita has Harrison, Finn and Huntar carefully observing her!

We used beans and water to fill the containers. We used different measuring tools to measure the amount of water or beans to fill the containers.

For the beans, we used this
It is a lid from a Dettol spray can.
We couldn’t use the lid when we used water to measure because it has a little hole in itsee!

Water would have spilled out the bottom and then we wouldn’t be sure if each lid of water measured the same.

So instead, we used this!

We thought it would be a good
idea to fill it up to the line, then
water wouldn’t spill from the top.
We had to be very careful!

We can now tell you how we can find out which of The Three Bear’s containers have the biggest capacity! 

Here is our display of the different containers we measured, and how much each container holds.

We also now know that The Three Bears use a lot of cream to go on their porridge! 

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